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Our firm will work with you in a total wealth management approach. Working together, we will spend significant time on five key areas, assuring that these resonate with your goals and objectives. Below are the areas of financial planning focus, including questions to address en route to developing and maintaining your financial plan. Please begin to formulate your thoughts, questions, and feelings relating to these areas of focus. _________________________________________________________________

Budgeting: Establish a budget for distribution of income and expenses in order to optimize your business and personal income and expense statement.

Asset and Income Protection: Establish an articulated risk management policy with respect to personal property, business interests, and income replacement. " Do you have an appropriate amount of life insurance, consistent with an articulated philosophy?
" Do you have too much or too little disability protection given assets/income and will it pay you if unable to work?
" Have you protected yourself against catastrophic loss due to long-term care, property losses, and liability issues?
" Are your business interests adequately covered?

Tax Management and Reduction/Planning
" Did you use all reasonable means to reduce your taxes?
" Are your estate planning and investment planning policies integrated with your tax planning strategies?
" Did you receive income from all sources (earnings, gifts, social security, and pensions) that was expected this year?
" Did you spend according to plan?
" Have you access to as much debt as reasonably possible and at the best available rates?
" Have you set aside enough cash for purchases to be made in the next three years?

Investment Planning: Establish and monitor a formal Investment Policy Statement, which acts as a blueprint for both strategic and tactical portfolio decisions.
" Is your portfolio positioned appropriately?
" Were your annual contributions or withdrawals at target?
" How did your actual rate of return compare with the expected rate (CPI plus target percentage)?
" Was the portfolio income tax-efficient?

Retirement Planning: Determine your retirement timeframe, activities, and required (and discretionary) income

" Are you participating in an employer sponsored retirement plan?
" Are your retirement savings accounts integrated with your tax and estate planning strategies?
" Are you saving a sufficient amount to properly fund retirement at your preferred date?

Estate Planning: Assure that your affairs are managed according to your wishes throughout your financial life, which will generally exceed your mortality.
" Do you need and have necessary planning documents (power of attorney, health care doc, living will)?
" Does your will or trust match your wealth transfer wishes?
" Have you established and funded all necessary trusts?
" Are your assets titled correctly and have your set up appropriate beneficiary designations?


Several of my clients have expressed interest in learning more details about trades that are made to their accounts, and this will now be integrated into my client service model! As you review your statements or receive notification about trades, please check here for detailed information about why those trades were made. Click on a link below for information about that timeframe. Thank you and enjoy!

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