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Many people I talk to have not considered the liability they are exposed to through their business & professional relationships, let alone voluntary and community service exposure. One easy and affordable way to help protect your assets is to buy a personal umbrella liability insurance policy. While these policies can protect you, it is important that you understand what they cover and how they work!

The older asset protection tools of statutory protection, insurance and self-insurance may not suffice today. Information about Idaho statutory asset protection is at http://www.assetprotectionbook.com/idaho.htm.

A primary tenant of asset protection is NOT to own significant assets in your own name. In the event that someone attempts to take your property, their attorney will consider it an open door if you own your business or investment properties in your own name. Establish separate entities for your various assets and business interests. Examples of entities include trusts, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies and partnerships. Additionally, locate the entities in different places. Finally, remember that the legal landscape is dynamic. Review your asset protection plan regularly and update it when improved strategies become available.

While asset protection strategies offer a shield against unscrupulous lawsuits, they are not a way to hide from legitimate obligations. Defrauding or deceiving legitimate creditors is illegal and the courts have not dealt kindly with those involved in creditor deception. Nevertheless, legitimate asset protection can help curb costs to defend lawsuits.

Far too often, people underestimate their potential for loss from creditors seeking control of their assets. If you own a successful business, a couple of rental properties, and the land and building that your business occupies, you probably have a need to develop an asset protection strategy. It might make sense to form a corporation or LLC to protect your personal assets from an action against your business. You should consider how to own the interests in those entities. Your land holdings could be placed into a Virginia Land Trust, thus isolating the real estate from the business. You might integrate the other entities into a Nevada asset protection trust, where after 2½ years, all assets in that trust are unattachable by judgment creditors. The list could go further, but suffice it to say that asset protection can help you keep your assets away from unwarranted and unwelcome assault.

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