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New Bank and Credit Card Agreements

Risk Management Ideas

Risk to Our Bodies

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Common Life Insurance Mistakes 1

Common Life Insurance Mistakes 2

Common Life Insurance Mistakes 3

Common Life Insurance Mistakes 4

Choose to make
Smart Investments

Rethinking Investment Management Strategies

Beginning with the Basics

Time to Go Fishing

Where to Save Money
for Retirement

Converting Retirement Money to a Roth IRA

Investment Risk

401K Loan

Active Management

Investment Account Discretion

Investment Policy Statement

Investment Risk Management

Four Approches to Investing

Your Target Rate of Return

Financial Planning Engagement

Living Benefits

Performance Metrics

Learning to Love the Bear

Roth Article

Portfolio Management

Learning Curve


Strategist Driven Accouts

One Year Later

Mini-Tender and Fixed Income

Neuroscience and Investing

Does this make sense?

Your Market Recovery Strategy

Real Real Rate of Return

Interest Rate Risk

Making the most of
Employee Stock Options

Managing Interest
Rate Risk

Real Estate Investments


Rising Interest Rates and Your Investment

Observations and Conclusions

Mountain Biking

Nothing is Certain but...

A Real Estate Column

Bonds-Are We Nearing a "Falling Knife" Scenario

Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

Plan B

Retirement Facts and Fiction Part 1

Retirement Facts and Fiction Part 2

Stretch IRA

Life Insurance for your Retirement Plan

Where to Save Money
for Retirement

Converting Retirement Money to a Roth IRA

Harvest the Gap in YourIncome Tax Rate

401K Loan

Retirement Planning
Part 1

Retirement Planning
Part 4

Retirement Planning
Part 5

Retirement Planning
Part 6

Retirement Planning
Part 7

Retirement Planning
Part 8

Retirement Planning
Part 9

Retirement Planning
Part 10

Retirement Planning
Part 11

Retirement Planning
Part 12

Retirement Planning
Part 13

Retirement Planning
Part 14

Retirement Planning
Part 15

Retirement Planning
Part 16

Retirement Planning
Part 17

Retirement Planning
Part 18

Scared or Prepared?
Part 1

Scared or Prepared?
Part 2

Retirement Health
Care Costs

Boomer Activities

Weigh Options Before Collecting Social Security

Boomer Mythbusters

Retirement Income
Part 1

Retirement Income
Part 2

Retirement Income
Part 3

Retirement Income
Part 4

Retirement Income
Part 5

Considering Medicaid?

Veteran’s Improved Pension Benefits

Veteran’s Improved Pension Benefits #2

Social Security Questions #1

Social Security Questions #2

Social Security Questions #3

Failure to Plan

Money and Time

Retirement 1

Retirement 2

Retirement 3



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